My Top 10 Funniest/Great Figure Skating Moments.


1. Figure Skating Cowboys – this is a fun one to watch 😉

2. Evgeni Plushenko performs at the Gala….after the World Figure Skating Championships

3. Jamie Sale and David Pelletier at 2002 Winter Olympics…long program

4. Brasseur And Eisler – 2003 Salute To American Music EX

5. 1999 Improv on Ice Kurt Browning Meditation

6. Kurt Browning 2000

7. 1999 Stars On Ice Clowns

8. Kurt Browning – Singin’ In The Rain

9. Brasseur & Eisler: Patricia The Stripper

10. 2002 Stars On Ice Scott Hamilton Figaro


One Response to “My Top 10 Funniest/Great Figure Skating Moments.”

  1. ~grace~

    These are fantastic. Thanks for posting them!

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