Playoff race….will they finish strong?

Posted On March 26, 2008

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The Calgary Flames are sitting in a good position, they are in third place as it stands right now heading into the final stretch before the playoffs begin…but will they be able to hang on and stay high in the standings?

The Flames have five more games before the playoffs begin- the Oilers x2, Canucks x2, and Wild. The Oilers are currently out of the playoff running, the Canucks are sitting in 7th position, and finally the Wild are in 6th. So these games could change where the Flames will stand when heading into the Playoffs, and that could determine a Stanley Cup or not. I’m not getting my hopes up at all, just saying that where you start will affect where you are going to finish.

After the next two weeks we will know where the Flames are going to stand. All that is left to say then is…..


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