Flames beat Oilers!!!


On April 1, 2008, the Calgary Flames played the Edmonton Oilers for the last time before the Playoff season begins….AND THEY WON!!!!! (3-2) 😀 Finally!!! It felt like it has been forever since the Flames have won a game and it might be a rather short season for the Flames if they do make the Playoffs.


A few weeks ago they were doing so well, sitting in a third position.. and now they have dropped to seventh… not sure if they are going to be able to pull is out of their hat for this year….knock on wood. I don’t know about Mike Keenan, he has his moments that’s for sure…but I just get the feeling that he hasn’t been on top of his game this year. The Flames have been up and down so many times…and it feels as if when they are down he isn’t the one that picks them back up. Oh well, can only say so much, I will get off my soap box and just wait and see what happens.

The Flames next game is on Thursday April 3 against Minnesota Wild.


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