Tough break….

Jeremy Abbot and Evan Lysacek

Evan Lysacek withdrew from the 2008 World Figure Skating Championship, being held in Gothenburg Sweden from March 17-23. Jeremy Abbot will be replacing Lysacek at the competition. He finished fouth at the 2008 US Nationals and fifth  at the Four Contients Championships.

Evan Lysacek

Lysacek fell on Wednesday while training because the blade broke on his right boot while landing a triple axel. “The blade broke at the weld,” Lysacek said. “I’ve been through three blades in the past three days. Obviously, soemthing isn’t right.”

Due to the fall, Evan injured his left forearm, elbow and shoulder. “I went to the emergency room last night. I got a bunch of x-rays and, tahnkfully, nothing’s broken.”  He has to wear a soft cast and will have his arm in a sling for about a week. Doctors have avised him that he refrain from attempting to jump or spin for at least the next two weeks.