Canadian Championships: Men

Jeffrey Buttle    Patrick Chan

So I was looking over the skates of Jeffrey Buttle and Patrick Chan, at the 2008 Canadian National Championships, and even though Chan had the cleaner skate, Buttle should of clearly been the winner. Although he did have the mistakes in the long program, his over all performance, artistry, and spin quality were far better than that of Chan. Chan is an young skater, new to the stage and still needs a little polishing, but Buttle has been here before, and just needs to work on his consistency, that has been said time and time again, so why does he still seem to cave under pressure?? Being a figure skater, I know what pressure can feel like, the trick to the whole thing is just being able to control it and being able to get into the groove on the competition ice, it may seem easy to say on paper, but in reality it is much more difficult.

But don’t leave it up to me, here are both of their final skates, let me know who you think is better, overall. Don’t just see who lands the most jumps, but look at the entire program as a whole, did one do better artistry, spins, emotion?? Let me know!!

 Jeffrey Buttle


Patrick Chan