Who will win Hockeyville 08??


With 24 days left till Hockeyville will be chosen….and the finalist from each region still need to be chosen. In Quebec, Village sur Glace de Roberval, has already been selected as well as Port aux Basques out of the East.

So what about the others?? the west? Ontario?? and then the ever surprising wild card entry??

The West has two towns left, Wilcox vs. Redwater. Wilcox is near Regina, SS, and Redwater is located north of Edmonton, AB. In Ontario, Huntsville vs. Kingsville are left. And finally, the two wild-cards are Winnipegosis vs. Pilot Mound, both located in Manitoba.

But the most interesting thing for me is that….Ontario and Quebec, both provinces, and yet are considered a separate region…where as they are grouping all of the west together (BC, AB, SS, and MB)…the east together (NS, PEI, NB). Why do two out of the four of these specific to the selected provinces, and then the others include three to four provinces combined?? Is this fair?? With the growing numbers in the west?? Let me know what you think…

 Personally….they are going based on population, which does make some sense…but they might have to reconsider that cause of the growing population in the west, especially Alberta. Personally…I’m going to vote for a town in the west…the east has so much other stuff to its name…and besides…..everything is better in the west. 😉

And don’t for get to vote!!! March 29!!!!