Flames…on a roll??


  On February 12, 2008 the Calgary Flames played the San Jose Sharks and won! Tied at the end of the third period…the Flames won it in overtime. This is the second win for them in a row, won the previous game against the Oilers…. are they going to be on a roll when it comes to being on the road??


When I first started to write this I was being hopeful. But after the last two games, maybe the Flames are going on a losing streak. And not just any losing streak, a brutal one…losing big time to the L.A. Kings (6-3) and Anaheim Ducks (4-2). This is just starting to get embarrassing….they aren’t playing as a team at all…and as hard as Miikka Kiprusoffis trying, he needs the defensive players to work together and do their job….cause if they don’t…this happens and he gets screwed.


 Hopefully Mike Keenan, the coach of the Flames, will have some choice words for them and get them back where they should be. But they cannot keep doing this, especially since the Playoffs are right around the corner. After the horrible game against the Edmonton Oilers, the game on Feb 4, 08, Darryl Sutter had a closed door talk with the Flames. Then the next game that they played, against the Phoenix Coyotes, and won. Then they won their next game, against the . So what is it that Sutter can say that puts the Flames back into working order that Keenan can’t?? Maybe they need to swap coaching notes.


What Happened to the Flames?


Last night the Calgary Flames started their road game vs. the Edmonton Oilers. What happened to the team that played the Sharks?? Where did they go?? Losing 5-0 to the Oilers, THE OILERS!!! That is just the worst possible thing I can imagine. They’ve played them many times before and have won against them, so why lose 5-0!?!? Really? Is it that hard? Plus the Flames were on the road, which usually gives them the advantage, but not this time apparently. Ever since the game they played against the Stars, they seem to be off their game. Why? What changed between the two?? Was it too much time off?? or did they just get soft between the games?? Any comments are more than welcome. Part of the problem, or at least I think, is that Kipper wasn’t in the goal. I’m not saying that Curtis Joseph isn’t a good goalie, but when facing the Oilers, where was Miikka Kiprusoff ?? I understand him needing a break, but seriously what was the coach thinking!!


Can You Believe Owen Nolan!!

Owen Nolan

On Wednesday January 30, 2008 the Calgary Flames played the San Jose Sharks. Winning 5-4, the three goals made by Owen Nolan were incredible, and let the flames to a victory. But the talk of the game was the hat trick used by Nolan to secure the lead of the flames. Owen Nolan was on fire!! It was hard to believe that I missed that game, but watching the goals of the week on Global, I was lucky enough to watch two of the most beautiful goals made by this increasingly talented hockey player. The first was a miss communication made by the goalie of the Sharks, Evgeni Nabokov, when he was shooting the puck to one of his players down the ice, he miss-interpreted the shot and sent it right to Nolan, who basically had an empty net, which he then sent the puck flying into!! The other goal was the hat trick used by Nolan to secure the 5th and final goal for the Flames that night.

Also, Nolan also showed that he can still fight with the young boys as he got in a fight with Sharks player Mike Grier ,the assistant captain to the Sharks. And this wasn’t just any school yard fight, Nolan was using uppercuts on Grier, really getting him where it would hurt. This wasn’t a sissy hockey fight as sometimes they usually are, this was Nolan pounding away at Grier. IT WAS AWESOME!!!! Who ever said aged mattered was wrong!!! According to team mate Dion Phaneuf, “Age is just a number, he always says that, and he showed tonight that he still has lots of game in him.” Owen Nolan still has many year left in him as a hockey player, and as long as he still makes goals like he has been, he won’t be let go any time soon.

Here is a video of Owen Nolan fabulous night. Check it out, or you’ll wished you had.