Posted On April 9, 2008

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Finally the playoffs have begun!! Tonight, April 9, 2008 the first games will be played. The Flames finished in 7th position and are up against the San Jose Sharks, ranked 2nd in the Western Conference.  So now that the Flames are in the playoffs….how long will it last?? I am hoping, knock on wood that it will go all the way, but being realistic, I think that they will be lucky to make it to round two.

Here is the schedule for all of tonights games:

Wed Apr 9, 2008
Senators Penguins  
7:00 PM ET
Rangers Devils  
7:00 PM ET
Avalanche Wild  
9:00 PM ET
Flames Sharks  
10:00 PM ET

I’ll be watching…. will you?


Nexxice Wins World Bronze Medalist

Posted On March 30, 2008

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2008 Canadian Senior Synchronized Skating Champion NEXXICE Senior captured the bronze medal with a final score of 198.81 points at the 2008 ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships held March 28-29, 2008 in Budapest, Hungary. This is NEXXICE Senior’s second consecutive bronze medal at the ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships. This international medal adds to the team’s already impressive season.

Congratulations Nexxice!!! Hopefully the next medal you have the chance of competing for is an Olympic medal.

Nexxice Short Program:

Nexxice Long Program:

Playoff race….will they finish strong?

Posted On March 26, 2008

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The Calgary Flames are sitting in a good position, they are in third place as it stands right now heading into the final stretch before the playoffs begin…but will they be able to hang on and stay high in the standings?

The Flames have five more games before the playoffs begin- the Oilers x2, Canucks x2, and Wild. The Oilers are currently out of the playoff running, the Canucks are sitting in 7th position, and finally the Wild are in 6th. So these games could change where the Flames will stand when heading into the Playoffs, and that could determine a Stanley Cup or not. I’m not getting my hopes up at all, just saying that where you start will affect where you are going to finish.

After the next two weeks we will know where the Flames are going to stand. All that is left to say then is…..


Jeffrey Butle Wins Worlds!!!!!!!!!

Posted On March 25, 2008

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At the 2008 World Figure Skating Championships in Gothenburg, Sweden, Canadian Jeffrey Buttle amazed the world by winning his first world title. He is the first Canadian to win a world title since Elvis Stoyko in 1997.

 Below are videos of his short and long programs….both were amazing to watch. Congradulations Jeff!!! Finally a skater for Canada to be proud of.

 Long Program

Short Program

 For more on the story…click here.

What is an Athlete??


Can anyone give an accurate, acceptable definition of what an athlete is?? or what includes a person to be an athlete?? We all think that it is very simple….we all know what an athlete is…right?? But if someone walks up to you on the street and asks you to define it…you won’t be able to. It is much more complicated than it looks, and what is even harder is categorizing who is an athlete and who isn’t. defines an athlete as (even though they have 6 different/similar definitions):

“a person trained or gifted in exercises or contests involving physical agility, stamina, or strength; a participant in a sport, exercise, or game requiring physical skill.”

595.jpg  skater2_rue3.gif

Well this is all well and good….but how do we go and define what each of these is? Is a figure skater an athlete?? are they more of an athlete than a hockey player? if so, why? I think that in a sense, the both are equal. They each have different strengths and weaknesses, but when looking at them overall, they are both sports, and the people who are involved in these are athletes.

And just because a particular sport doesn’t use all the terms that are defined in the definition of an athlete doesn’t make it not a sport. Race car drivers are athletes, figure skaters, ringette players, soccer, runners, football players, and I could go on and on, and yes I’ll even include the ever so boring golf as well.

All I want people to do is just to think about who they consider an athlete, and what they consider a sport…and then try looking up on-line what specifically these ‘athletes’ have to do for them to be where they are today.

Figure Skating…Dangerous Sport…

Posted On March 9, 2008

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How dangerious Figure skating really is…watch and find out…

Synchronized skating is also as dangerous, if not more so due to the number of people on the ice…

This is more than just ballet on ice…which some people seem to think that it is….is deadly and dangerious….and more so….it is a sport.

My Top 10 Funniest/Great Figure Skating Moments.


1. Figure Skating Cowboys – this is a fun one to watch 😉

2. Evgeni Plushenko performs at the Gala….after the World Figure Skating Championships

3. Jamie Sale and David Pelletier at 2002 Winter Olympics…long program

4. Brasseur And Eisler – 2003 Salute To American Music EX

5. 1999 Improv on Ice Kurt Browning Meditation

6. Kurt Browning 2000

7. 1999 Stars On Ice Clowns

8. Kurt Browning – Singin’ In The Rain

9. Brasseur & Eisler: Patricia The Stripper

10. 2002 Stars On Ice Scott Hamilton Figaro

Cooke for Pettinger??

                           van_208.gif                        washington_capitals_1992.gif

The Vancouver Canucks traded Matt Cooke (Canucks to Capitals) for Matt Pettinger (Washington Capitals to Canucks). Was this a wise move on the Canucks part?? More so than it was on the Capitals part, or at least as far as I am concerned.


Matt Cooke seems to have dried up offensively….and maybe he’d be better as a defense-men…but wait, hold on….the Canucks already have enough of those, if they can stay healthy, and not enough to play on the offensive. The problem with Cooke…is that he wasn’t even scoring when he was on the ice. Pettinger is at least good for 15 goals when he is on the ice.  The last time Cooke scored 15 was in 2003!! If you don’t believe me..check his stats. And then you can compare them to Pettinger if you want. (click here)


Matt Pettinger is always on the bench due to injury….but when he does get to play….he can score, and is at least good for 15 goals. Washington might have made the mistake of letting him go…

Who will win Hockeyville 08??


With 24 days left till Hockeyville will be chosen….and the finalist from each region still need to be chosen. In Quebec, Village sur Glace de Roberval, has already been selected as well as Port aux Basques out of the East.

So what about the others?? the west? Ontario?? and then the ever surprising wild card entry??

The West has two towns left, Wilcox vs. Redwater. Wilcox is near Regina, SS, and Redwater is located north of Edmonton, AB. In Ontario, Huntsville vs. Kingsville are left. And finally, the two wild-cards are Winnipegosis vs. Pilot Mound, both located in Manitoba.

But the most interesting thing for me is that….Ontario and Quebec, both provinces, and yet are considered a separate region…where as they are grouping all of the west together (BC, AB, SS, and MB)…the east together (NS, PEI, NB). Why do two out of the four of these specific to the selected provinces, and then the others include three to four provinces combined?? Is this fair?? With the growing numbers in the west?? Let me know what you think…

 Personally….they are going based on population, which does make some sense…but they might have to reconsider that cause of the growing population in the west, especially Alberta. Personally…I’m going to vote for a town in the west…the east has so much other stuff to its name…and besides…..everything is better in the west. 😉

And don’t for get to vote!!! March 29!!!!

Player down…


On Saturdays game, the Colorado Avalanche played the L.A. Kings. Ryan Smith was hit hard with the padded partition near the Avalanche bench. He was immediately taken off the ice on a stretcher and taken to a hospital. He was conscious when he arrived at the hospital. Smith was later released after CT scans cleared him of any serious neck and head injuries, but will continue to undergo further examination later this week.

Here’s the video….such a hard hit…

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