Flames game….record breaking


On March 1st, 2008 the Calgary Flames played the Phoenix Coyotes, and won 3-1. It was a good game….it had its moments….but not one to go in the record books. The Flames were definitely focused going into the start of the game…and it showed. Jarome Iginla scored with 1:23 gone, the first of two. Iggie reached 40 goals for the third time in his career. The game wasn’t that exciting…..not a lot happening besides just plain, good old hockey. Although I did find it kind of funny that in the third period when Phoenix pulled there goalie….the Flames made three shots on an empty net and missed all three times!!! Seriously….if they can’t hit an empty net….then maybe that’s the reason they are having trouble scoring with a goalie in it….just kidding. 


I was also impressed with how Curtis Joseph (aka. Cujo) played. Joseph made 16 saves for his 448th career victory, moving him into fourth place on the all-time list. He is really starting to grow on me as a goalie….much better than what’s his face from last year… He seems to really be able to play with the flow of the team…and I’m hoping to see him play a little more this season. He also played the previous night when the Flames played the Ducks.


Flames…on a roll??


  On February 12, 2008 the Calgary Flames played the San Jose Sharks and won! Tied at the end of the third period…the Flames won it in overtime. This is the second win for them in a row, won the previous game against the Oilers…. are they going to be on a roll when it comes to being on the road??


When I first started to write this I was being hopeful. But after the last two games, maybe the Flames are going on a losing streak. And not just any losing streak, a brutal one…losing big time to the L.A. Kings (6-3) and Anaheim Ducks (4-2). This is just starting to get embarrassing….they aren’t playing as a team at all…and as hard as Miikka Kiprusoffis trying, he needs the defensive players to work together and do their job….cause if they don’t…this happens and he gets screwed.


 Hopefully Mike Keenan, the coach of the Flames, will have some choice words for them and get them back where they should be. But they cannot keep doing this, especially since the Playoffs are right around the corner. After the horrible game against the Edmonton Oilers, the game on Feb 4, 08, Darryl Sutter had a closed door talk with the Flames. Then the next game that they played, against the Phoenix Coyotes, and won. Then they won their next game, against the . So what is it that Sutter can say that puts the Flames back into working order that Keenan can’t?? Maybe they need to swap coaching notes.

Wana fight??


If any of you hockey fans watch the Edmonton Oilers vs. Vancouver Canucks game on Saturday February 16, 2008; then maybe you can help me with this. What was going on?? There was a fight that almost started instantly in the first period!? Did something happen in a previous game that I might of missed?? or do these two teams truly hate each other?? And the thing was, it just wasn’t a fight here and there, they basically took up the whole game!! At the end of the third, the Refs started throwing players out of the game…granted there was only 5 – minutes left, but still!! I think my favorite part was when there were 6-7 people serving a penalty at the same time!! And then when the Canucks player, Daniel Sedin, ran into the Oilers goalie, Mathieu Garon….that just sealed the deal. You just don’t mess with another teams goalie. 193 minutes served in total for the whole game in penalties as well as 14, and that doesn’t include the players who were benched in the third or the players who were thrown out at the end of the third for fighting. It was crazy!! If you missed it you missed on an awesome game!!


The best part for me was the Oilers loosing. As I am a Calgary fan, I always want the Oilers to lose and the Flames to win, but on this particular night it was that much sweeter because they physically got their buts kicked in the game and in the fights. This victory was also that much sweeter for the Vancouver Canucks because the last three times that they faced the Oilers, they lost, and for them to come back and win, with everything else going on…was just so awesome!! Vancouver deserved to win this one…show Edmonton that they aren’t as great as they think they are. =P

What Happened to Sandhu??

At the 2008 Canadian Figure Skating National Championships, Emanuel Sandhu, one of the countries best male figure skaters and former 3 time Canadian Champion, withdrew from the competition. Why? Does anyone really know??


My guess would be that since he has lost his title to Jeffrey Buttle, an amazing young and talented skater, who is probably my favorite out of the Canadian men, Sandhu just isn’t doing it anymore. He cannot deliver the performance when it is needed, he made a fool of himself at the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City. I have never really liked Sandhu, he can be a good skater when he wants to be….but besides that he pretty much sucks. His costumes are always too over the top, his style is way too flamboyant, and he wears way too much make up…he wears more than any girl or skater that I know of in this sport. I honestly have to say that it is nice to be able to watch a national level figure skating event and not have to sit through the painful performance of Emanuel Sandhu.

Finally!! Flames are Back!! :)

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 In Calgary on Saturday February 9, 2008, the Calgary Flames played the Edmonton Oilers and WON!! If you remember the last time these two teams met, the Oilers buried the Flames 5-0 in Edmonton. But now the Flames have come back!! Finally!!! That took them long enough. But what changed?? Was it the fact that they were on home ice?? The Flames have a reputation for playing better on the road than they do at home…but has that changed?? Did they somehow reverse to where they now win more at home than they do on the road??


Also, Iggie scored!!! Jarome Iginla, the Flames Captain, scored for the first time in forever!!! Granted it was an emptie netter, but at least he scored. The Flames now are heading into their very important road trip with a win, and with the possibility that Iggie back on his feet. But the head coach of the Flames, Mike Keenan, is playing smart. He is teaching his other defense men to score bigger and better that way when it comes down to it and Iggie is needed….the players on the other team won’t necessarily know who to go for and therefore won’t go directly to him….and choose him out of the bunch to ‘gang up’ on so to speak.


So what does this mean for the Flames?? Are they going to be successful on their oh so important road trip?? Or are they going to blow out?? Let me know what you think….I have faith in the Flames.

Johnny Weir vs. Evan Lysacek


The United Statues Figure Skating Championships have just concluded on Sunday January 27, 2008, with a very unusual situation in the Men’s event in Saint Paul, Minnesota. At the top of the score board were Johnny Weir and Even Lysacek, who after the short were ranked 1st and 2nd. Because of flaws in the free skate, Johnny Weir had a lower free-skate score than that of Evan Lysacek, who was in second place going into the free-skate, and by 1.35 Evan had won the free-skate. But the interesting part of the event was the total scores for both men were equal. The deciding factor, and deemed by the ISU(International Skate Union) was that Evan had won the overall event due to a higher score in the free-skate.

I thought that the new system that has taken forever to get into play, as well as for people to learn and understand lets this happen?? Both of these skaters were thrown into a position that was clearly confusing and difficult to understand. But why lay the deciding factor on the Free-skate?? why not on the short, or the qualifying?? or have them skate again?? who made the rule that it was the free-skate that made the deciding factor??? I have to wonder about some of the people in the ISU as well as in the USFSA (US Figure Skating Association), cause they are not the brightest bulbs in the cab-net.

Johnny Weir

The only thing that is worse, is the way that Johnny Weir handled the situation, especially when he commented about Evan Lysacek. The New York Times coverage of this event was more than interesting to read, and provides one with a sense of who these men are down inside, to what type of person they are. Weir said when asked about Lysacek: “I respect Evan as an athlete, but as a person I don’t really like him,” Weir said in the interview. “There’s nothing special about him to me. We would never be friends, and I wouldn’t even know who he was if we weren’t competing against each other.” Who does that?? Johnny Weir is no pretty boy who is king of the world, especially when it comes to skating. He has a very odd, or unique style to be politically correct, that just is very very flamboyant. What’s next?? Going back to the time to Tayna Harding and Nancy Kerrigan?? seriously people.

Evan Lysacek

But when looking at Evan Lysacek, he is a true gentleman. When Evan Lysacek was asked about Weir, all he had to say was: “Oh that’s nice. Thank you for sharing that with me.” He refused to attack Weir, adding, “I’m not going to say anything bad about him, because I admire him.” His skating style is also one that you cannot help watch. This is Lysacek’s second US Men’s title, and he deserves every bit of it.

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