Cooke for Pettinger??

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The Vancouver Canucks traded Matt Cooke (Canucks to Capitals) for Matt Pettinger (Washington Capitals to Canucks). Was this a wise move on the Canucks part?? More so than it was on the Capitals part, or at least as far as I am concerned.


Matt Cooke seems to have dried up offensively….and maybe he’d be better as a defense-men…but wait, hold on….the Canucks already have enough of those, if they can stay healthy, and not enough to play on the offensive. The problem with Cooke…is that he wasn’t even scoring when he was on the ice. Pettinger is at least good for 15 goals when he is on the ice.  The last time Cooke scored 15 was in 2003!! If you don’t believe me..check his stats. And then you can compare them to Pettinger if you want. (click here)


Matt Pettinger is always on the bench due to injury….but when he does get to play….he can score, and is at least good for 15 goals. Washington might have made the mistake of letting him go…


Wana fight??


If any of you hockey fans watch the Edmonton Oilers vs. Vancouver Canucks game on Saturday February 16, 2008; then maybe you can help me with this. What was going on?? There was a fight that almost started instantly in the first period!? Did something happen in a previous game that I might of missed?? or do these two teams truly hate each other?? And the thing was, it just wasn’t a fight here and there, they basically took up the whole game!! At the end of the third, the Refs started throwing players out of the game…granted there was only 5 – minutes left, but still!! I think my favorite part was when there were 6-7 people serving a penalty at the same time!! And then when the Canucks player, Daniel Sedin, ran into the Oilers goalie, Mathieu Garon….that just sealed the deal. You just don’t mess with another teams goalie. 193 minutes served in total for the whole game in penalties as well as 14, and that doesn’t include the players who were benched in the third or the players who were thrown out at the end of the third for fighting. It was crazy!! If you missed it you missed on an awesome game!!


The best part for me was the Oilers loosing. As I am a Calgary fan, I always want the Oilers to lose and the Flames to win, but on this particular night it was that much sweeter because they physically got their buts kicked in the game and in the fights. This victory was also that much sweeter for the Vancouver Canucks because the last three times that they faced the Oilers, they lost, and for them to come back and win, with everything else going on…was just so awesome!! Vancouver deserved to win this one…show Edmonton that they aren’t as great as they think they are. =P