My Top 10 Funniest/Great Figure Skating Moments.


1. Figure Skating Cowboys – this is a fun one to watch 😉

2. Evgeni Plushenko performs at the Gala….after the World Figure Skating Championships

3. Jamie Sale and David Pelletier at 2002 Winter Olympics…long program

4. Brasseur And Eisler – 2003 Salute To American Music EX

5. 1999 Improv on Ice Kurt Browning Meditation

6. Kurt Browning 2000

7. 1999 Stars On Ice Clowns

8. Kurt Browning – Singin’ In The Rain

9. Brasseur & Eisler: Patricia The Stripper

10. 2002 Stars On Ice Scott Hamilton Figaro


Cooke for Pettinger??

                           van_208.gif                        washington_capitals_1992.gif

The Vancouver Canucks traded Matt Cooke (Canucks to Capitals) for Matt Pettinger (Washington Capitals to Canucks). Was this a wise move on the Canucks part?? More so than it was on the Capitals part, or at least as far as I am concerned.


Matt Cooke seems to have dried up offensively….and maybe he’d be better as a defense-men…but wait, hold on….the Canucks already have enough of those, if they can stay healthy, and not enough to play on the offensive. The problem with Cooke…is that he wasn’t even scoring when he was on the ice. Pettinger is at least good for 15 goals when he is on the ice.  The last time Cooke scored 15 was in 2003!! If you don’t believe me..check his stats. And then you can compare them to Pettinger if you want. (click here)


Matt Pettinger is always on the bench due to injury….but when he does get to play….he can score, and is at least good for 15 goals. Washington might have made the mistake of letting him go…

Who will win Hockeyville 08??


With 24 days left till Hockeyville will be chosen….and the finalist from each region still need to be chosen. In Quebec, Village sur Glace de Roberval, has already been selected as well as Port aux Basques out of the East.

So what about the others?? the west? Ontario?? and then the ever surprising wild card entry??

The West has two towns left, Wilcox vs. Redwater. Wilcox is near Regina, SS, and Redwater is located north of Edmonton, AB. In Ontario, Huntsville vs. Kingsville are left. And finally, the two wild-cards are Winnipegosis vs. Pilot Mound, both located in Manitoba.

But the most interesting thing for me is that….Ontario and Quebec, both provinces, and yet are considered a separate region…where as they are grouping all of the west together (BC, AB, SS, and MB)…the east together (NS, PEI, NB). Why do two out of the four of these specific to the selected provinces, and then the others include three to four provinces combined?? Is this fair?? With the growing numbers in the west?? Let me know what you think…

 Personally….they are going based on population, which does make some sense…but they might have to reconsider that cause of the growing population in the west, especially Alberta. Personally…I’m going to vote for a town in the west…the east has so much other stuff to its name…and besides…..everything is better in the west. 😉

And don’t for get to vote!!! March 29!!!!

Player down…


On Saturdays game, the Colorado Avalanche played the L.A. Kings. Ryan Smith was hit hard with the padded partition near the Avalanche bench. He was immediately taken off the ice on a stretcher and taken to a hospital. He was conscious when he arrived at the hospital. Smith was later released after CT scans cleared him of any serious neck and head injuries, but will continue to undergo further examination later this week.

Here’s the video….such a hard hit…

Flames game….record breaking


On March 1st, 2008 the Calgary Flames played the Phoenix Coyotes, and won 3-1. It was a good game….it had its moments….but not one to go in the record books. The Flames were definitely focused going into the start of the game…and it showed. Jarome Iginla scored with 1:23 gone, the first of two. Iggie reached 40 goals for the third time in his career. The game wasn’t that exciting…..not a lot happening besides just plain, good old hockey. Although I did find it kind of funny that in the third period when Phoenix pulled there goalie….the Flames made three shots on an empty net and missed all three times!!! Seriously….if they can’t hit an empty net….then maybe that’s the reason they are having trouble scoring with a goalie in it….just kidding. 


I was also impressed with how Curtis Joseph (aka. Cujo) played. Joseph made 16 saves for his 448th career victory, moving him into fourth place on the all-time list. He is really starting to grow on me as a goalie….much better than what’s his face from last year… He seems to really be able to play with the flow of the team…and I’m hoping to see him play a little more this season. He also played the previous night when the Flames played the Ducks.

What is Synchronized Skating?


Anyone and everyone knows what figure skating is….but not everyone knows what synchronized skating is, so I’m going to try and explain it. In a way its similar to synchronized swimming….but on ice instead of in the water.

Instead of skating by your self or with a partner, imagine skating with 12-16, or 20-24 girls or guys. And the system is similar to that of the singles/pairs skating. There is competitive strand….which goes to worlds, and then there is non-competitive route..which only goes to Nationals.

Haydenetts, 2008 US Synchronized Skating National Champions

The competitive strand, has 20 girls that skate at competitions, and allows for 4 alternate skaters, in-case one gets hurt or sick or something. The team, trains together, has a regular competitive season, just like the singles and pairs skaters. They practice and compete a short and a long program, with around 2:30 minutes for the short, and around 4:30 minutes for the long. The scoring system is exactly the same, but what they are marked on is different. In the competitive strand they are allowed to do some jumps, bust just a select few. They do footwork throughout the whole program, while attached in various ways to each other, different arm and hand holds, and they perform maneuvers like a circle, a line, wheels (pin wheel, four pin wheel, parallel wheel….), a block, an open block, lifts, moves in the field….and so forth. It is very interesting to watch, because even though these teams are doing the similar things, they all have a different take on them… no two are the same.

Here is the Haydenetts short program from this year….they are currently the US Synchronized Figure Skating Champions.

In the other strand of the synchronized skating, is the non-competitive. They only differ slightly by the number of skaters, 16 allowed to compete, the moves that they are allowed to perform, no lifts or jumps, and then they only compete one program instead of two, and the music lengths vary according to the level of the skaters.


American Women Too Young for worlds?


   Emily Hughes  


 Kimmie Meissner 

At the 2008 U.S. Figure Skating National Championships, the medalist in the women’s even were not eligible for worlds because of their age. Seriously….I found this out and this is just plain stupid of the USFSA to allow women, not even women, girls, just girls, to compete at this level and then they aren’t even eligible to compete for the U.S. on a world stage. Really!!?? They need to go back into their rules for the Senior women rules qualifications and change them!! I’m curious to know where

Emily Hughes  was?? She did not compete….and as for Kimmie Meissner ….she might of throughout withdrawing, cause the World Champion finished 7th in the Women’s Senior event.


Sasha Cohen
I also wonder what long time competitor Sasha Cohen is up to….she isn’t competition…but why not?? Just look at what is left to be represented at a national level….that’s just embarrassing for anyone in the figure skating world. I’ll be the first to admit that she is not the most consistent skater in the world….but no one can compare to her skating style….she is unique in her own fashion, and you cannot take your eyes off of her when she is on the ice.  

If you want to check out the results and scores from the 2008 US National Figure Skating Championships… here. And I also hate how you have to find any information about the competitions in the US by going through a site called

On a roll…but will it last??


On the last game that the Calgary Flames played, against the Minnesota Wild,they won. It is actually surprising to check the score and not see an huge defeat. But, wait, hold on now, this makes three in a row for the Flames. Calgary has won four straight – including three in a row over division leaders – and six of eight. The Flames have beaten Minnesota four straight times.

….But how long is this winning streak going to last?? What happened to the Flames to make them get their act together?? was is Darrel Sutter?? is he the only one that can get the Flames back on their game….or is it head coach, Mike Keenan….has he finally been able to get them to work as a team?? Who really knows?? 

 I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens….Next game is Tuesday February 26, 2008 against the Colorado Avalanche.


Flames…on a roll??


  On February 12, 2008 the Calgary Flames played the San Jose Sharks and won! Tied at the end of the third period…the Flames won it in overtime. This is the second win for them in a row, won the previous game against the Oilers…. are they going to be on a roll when it comes to being on the road??


When I first started to write this I was being hopeful. But after the last two games, maybe the Flames are going on a losing streak. And not just any losing streak, a brutal one…losing big time to the L.A. Kings (6-3) and Anaheim Ducks (4-2). This is just starting to get embarrassing….they aren’t playing as a team at all…and as hard as Miikka Kiprusoffis trying, he needs the defensive players to work together and do their job….cause if they don’t…this happens and he gets screwed.


 Hopefully Mike Keenan, the coach of the Flames, will have some choice words for them and get them back where they should be. But they cannot keep doing this, especially since the Playoffs are right around the corner. After the horrible game against the Edmonton Oilers, the game on Feb 4, 08, Darryl Sutter had a closed door talk with the Flames. Then the next game that they played, against the Phoenix Coyotes, and won. Then they won their next game, against the . So what is it that Sutter can say that puts the Flames back into working order that Keenan can’t?? Maybe they need to swap coaching notes.

Wana fight??


If any of you hockey fans watch the Edmonton Oilers vs. Vancouver Canucks game on Saturday February 16, 2008; then maybe you can help me with this. What was going on?? There was a fight that almost started instantly in the first period!? Did something happen in a previous game that I might of missed?? or do these two teams truly hate each other?? And the thing was, it just wasn’t a fight here and there, they basically took up the whole game!! At the end of the third, the Refs started throwing players out of the game…granted there was only 5 – minutes left, but still!! I think my favorite part was when there were 6-7 people serving a penalty at the same time!! And then when the Canucks player, Daniel Sedin, ran into the Oilers goalie, Mathieu Garon….that just sealed the deal. You just don’t mess with another teams goalie. 193 minutes served in total for the whole game in penalties as well as 14, and that doesn’t include the players who were benched in the third or the players who were thrown out at the end of the third for fighting. It was crazy!! If you missed it you missed on an awesome game!!


The best part for me was the Oilers loosing. As I am a Calgary fan, I always want the Oilers to lose and the Flames to win, but on this particular night it was that much sweeter because they physically got their buts kicked in the game and in the fights. This victory was also that much sweeter for the Vancouver Canucks because the last three times that they faced the Oilers, they lost, and for them to come back and win, with everything else going on…was just so awesome!! Vancouver deserved to win this one…show Edmonton that they aren’t as great as they think they are. =P

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