Synchronized Skating vs. Singles/Pairs Skating


It always manages to astound me that the synchronized skaters of the world don’t get near the recognition that the singles/pairs skaters get, and yet when watching them, its amazing. The moves and the abilities that these skaters require are just as important as those of the singles and pairs skaters. By having to be able to skate with 16-20 other girls all at the same time, doing all of the same intricate footwork, pass-throughs, lifts, arm-holds, and many other requirements, they bring something fresh to the sport, and is far more interesting to watch, even after 10 teams have already gone. Because they have so much more diversity and are able to be more creative with what they have to incorporate within their programs, it give new meaning to the sport.

This is a video from the 2006 Canadian National Championships. Nexxice , the team being shown, finished in 2nd place due to some falls in their long program, clearly should of been the winners, and by watching this program you can understand why. Even though synchronized skating doesn’t mean that the skaters, coaches, and fans don’t have to put up with the same bull that other figure skaters do, it just means that the world doesn’t hear about it as quickly. This part of the sport needs to be more recognized because it is truly beautiful and requires so much more than just flapping your arms and making a pretty face.